How to Clear Search History on iPhone

Whenever you do searches on iPhone via Safari, Travel it records them in browsing history by default so you can easily locate those pages next time. For those who don’t want to leave any history behind, you can choose Private Browse Mode so that Safari won’t remember the pages you visit, your search history, or your AutoFill information. Both of these two browsing mode are thoughtful to certain kind of people. However, if you forget to get into private browsing mode and don’t want to leave search history behind, you’ll have to clear them manually.

Part1. How to Clear Safari Search History on iPhone through Settings

Waranasi - IndiaLaunch Settings in home screen and scroll down to Safari.

Enter Safari and scroll down to locate Clear History and Website Data.

Click Clear History and Website Data and a small window pops up from the bottom saying your action will remove history, cookies, and other browsing data.

Click Clear History and Data at the pop-up windows to confirm it.

Part2. How to Clear Search History in Safari

Run Safari app the home screen on iPhone.

Tap on Bookmarks icon to show search history.

Swipe the search history you want to clear to left and tap on delete, then the it will be gone.

Or you can press Clear at the right corner and a window will pop up for you to choose from: The last hour, Today, Today and yesterday and all time. Tap on one of them and the related search data will disappear.

If you prefer to delete your visit cache each time you exit Safari, you can go to private browsing mode by going to Safari > tap on show pages icon in the lower right corner > press on Private icon > when prompted, tap on Done to complete private setting.

After setting private mode, you can continue to browse the web and Safari leave no trace of any of your searches including account name, passwords and other login data.

For the sake of data security, many of you may prefer to clear history on iPhone. However, mistaken deletion happens and sometimes you just want to get back some frequently-used pages for easy access. Whatever reason it is, do you know how to recover them?

May be you can have a try with FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery . It will help you recover deleted Safari History from iPhone in just few clicks. Better yet, you can get all kinds of data including contacts, photos, notes, reminders, app documents, etc.



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